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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions



Who can use mifold?

mifold is designed for children aged from 4 years old and up. The international version of mifold is distributed in Malaysia and is designed for children weighing from 15kg to 36kg and up to the height of 150cm.

Why should we use mifold?

mifold is a revolutionary new car safety solution. There are many journeys where children do not have a booster (in fact we estimate in as many as 25% of all child journeys - and research has shown that 50% of kids in the USA don't have the right booster when carpooling for the school run) we want to eliminate these risks completely. With a compact and portable device, there are no excuses, a child can always be safe no matter whose car they are in.

How does it work?

A regular booster seat lifts the child to be in the position of an adult. mifold does the exact opposite, instead of lifting the child up it holds the seatbelt down. It does this at three points: there are belt guides on either side of the child's hips to hold the lap belt correctly against the bones and off the soft stomach. These belt guides are adjustable to three sizes to make sure that the belt is always held snugly in place. There is a third clip on a strap that pulls the seatbelt chest strap down correctly onto the bones of the shoulder; away from the face and neck. So like a regular booster, mifold holds the seat belt in exactly the correct position on the bones of the hips and the bones of the shoulder, without needing a big, bulky seat to lift the child. In a collision, the child is protected in the same way. mifold simply works to hold the adult seatbelt correctly on a child.

How does the shoulder strap work?

The adult seat belt chest strap must lie on the child's clavicle (collar bone); not on the face or neck and not over the edge of the shoulder. The mifold shoulder belt positioning strap and clip is attached to the back of the mifold seat and goes behind the child’s back. The clip is then attached onto the adult seat belt chest strap and holds it down on the clavicle. The length of the belt positioning strap and clip is adjusted to the right position.

Is mifold comfortable?

One of our priorities has been to design mifold to be comfortable as well as safe and easy to use. There are more than 100,000 mifold seats in use and in research. We have had positive feedback about comfort and our users tell us that they really do love it. The comfort comes from three design and engineering factors: (i) We use a unique EVA DenseFoam™(Ethylene-vinyl acetate) to provide constant support at the pressure points. EVA is typically used as a shock absorber in sports shoes and boxing gloves. (ii) The foam fabric pad extends to the edge of the seat to ensure there is no hard edge. And (iii) the child’s weight is designed to sink the entire mifold seat into the vehicle cushion, leveling out the two surfaces and minimizing the edge effect. This is exactly the same as with a regular booster seat. They only have a thin layer of foam/fabric on a plastic/styrofoam base and most of the comfort comes from the underlying car seat (the same thing happens with a hard-backed book … try it!).

What are the dimensions of mifold?

When folded, the mifold seat measures approximately 24cm wide, 4cm thick and 12cm deep for the international version. In use, there are 3 different width settings for the Lap Belt Guides, which you set depending of the size of the child. The Lap Belt Guides should be set into the position nearest to, but not touching, the child’s thighs. When the Lap Belt Guide arms are fully extended to position III, it measures 34cm wide. The other settings are 25cm in position I and 30cm in position II.

How durable is mifold?

mifold is constructed using aircraft grade aluminium 6061 and a super tough plastic polymer called Delrin® 100ST from Dupont™. It has been successfully crash tested and each component rigorously tested to ensure its longevity even under the most extreme use as a child car seat.

What are the safety regulations of mifold?

The mifold seat conforms to the international regulation UN ECE R44/04 that covers most countries worldwide including Malaysia. Additionally, mifold also has specific regulatory approval in the following four countries that require their local approvals: Chile, China, South Korea and Taiwan. There are also other region specific versions of mifold designed to pass the safety standards in USA and Canada. Products have been crash-tested hundreds of times in testing facilities around the world (including MGA Research Corporation and Calspan Corporation in the USA, Tass International and TÜV SÜD in Europe, PMG Technologies Inc. in Canada and laboratories in Russia, China, South Korea and Taiwan).

Does mifold have an expiry date?

mifold carries an expiry date of 7-years from the date of manufacture as marked on the product.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, mifold has a 1 year manufacturer's warranty that starts from the date of purchase. There is no need to register your warranty for mifold in Malaysia. Please keep your purchase receipt as proof of purchase in order to claim the warranty. This warranty is applicable to all mifold products sold by authorised retailers in Malaysia.

What is the difference between the EU/International version and the US version of mifold?

There are 2 different versions of the mifold seat. One is compliant with the international regulations UN ECE R44/04 that covers most territories worldwide including Malaysia. The other is compliant with the US and Canadian regulations. The 2 versions vary slightly in size to meet the different regulations and have different labelling requirements and instruction manuals.

Can I use my mifold in a different country?

The international version of mifold, as sold in Malaysia, is regulated for use in every country in the world except: Australia, Canada and the USA. Different countries have different child restraint regulations that require minor design, packaging, labelling and instruction manual differences. These differences mean that we cannot advise you to use a mifold seat in a country where it is not regulated as local law enforcement may not recognize your version of the mifold seat. If you do use your mifold seat in the US, it is suggested that you have your travel documents with you; such as passports, airline tickets, etc. to present to local authorities, to confirm that you are tourists. mifold is ideal for traveling and when used per the manufacturer’s instructions, your mifold seat will always perform as intended wherever you use it.


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